This is not just another accelerator.

Our program is 6 months long. You get: camps, knowledge, personal coaching – and resources to help you maximize your impact and make your company scalable and investable!

Yes, we will help you develop sales strategies, make sure you have the financial skills you need and improve your leadership and team strengths. But here, you get access to knowledge and networks that are specifically relevant for you as an impact company. We help you model your impact, build a business model with that impact at its core, manage, steer and report on the impact and attract investors who want to invest for both financial and impact returns. It is an accelerator that makes the impact economy grow, the economy you are at the core of. That is why the Impact StartUp accelerator program is unique.

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2021’s participants


OmMej: Healthtech – Children & Youth
OmMej provides a digital platform to all activities and welfare organizations where they can collect
and illustrate both individual and large groups of children’s perspectives and needs at an early stage.

Pitch Deck: OmMej


Vakansa: Proptech
Vakansa is a social proptech platform with a vision of creating sustainable urban development where
they can meet the need for facilities without constructing new buildings.

Pitch Deck: Vakansa



CollabMaker: Matchmaking service
CollabMaker is a new digital platform offering an automated unbiased matchmaking service for
game-changers who want to start purpose-driven businesses. 

Pitch Deck: CollabMaker


ihopa: Co-ownership service
ihopa enables people to access shared products in local sharing hubs through monthly subscriptions.
They are providing a real alternative to buying for yourself – smart & sustainable.

WINNER Impact StartUp 2021!
Pitch Deck: ihopa



Superkons: Packaging free cleaning products
Superkons delivers 100% effective cleaning products with incredible fragrances creating
a luxurious experience in all your living spaces.

Pitch Deck: Superkons



Swiftly: AI for unbiased recruitment
Swiftly is the world’s 1st E-ID verified matchmaking platform, equipped with AI job hunting,
feedback-based learning and Next Gen automated Recruiting.

Pitch Deck: Swiftly



DayCape: Healthtech – Children & Youth

DayCape is a digital platform helping children with special needs manage their daily activities.

Pitch Deck: Daycape Animals health monitoring is Sweden’s first animal behaviour monitor AI provider and aims to build the
AI farmer’s eye to empowering precision livestock farming.
WINNER Impact StartUp 2021!
Pitch Deck: