We wish to provide companies with the tools, knowledge, competence, network and capital to maximize their impact and growth potential.

Prosper and Altitude Meetings joined forces to start Impact at Scale in order to realize a common vision: helping the impact economy grow.

We believe that companies and investors wishing to create measurable impact on some of society’s biggest challenges play a crucial role in creating a better tomorrow. Therefore, we wish to provide them with the tools, knowledge, competence, network and capital to promote and spur their activities. We do this though a unique accelerator program for impact startups, a parallel program for investors, digital tooboxes, impact industry days, deep dive webinars, investor and startup individualized meet-ups, intensive thematic accelerators and national open events for networking and knowledge sharing.

At Impact at Scale, we don’t talk about a greener, fairer and more prosperous future for all. We build that future – startup by startup and investor by investor.

Today Impact StartUp is runned by Prosper.


Jenny Carenco
070-637 76 36